Whoa... been a little while. Sorry.
For those of you who are laid off and unemployed, check out oddtodds awesome video:
Or if you prefer Fullscreen

There will be a live broadcast of GWS played live last month at John and Peters. It sounds awesome, several of the songs have never been played live before. You can listen to it at weenradio on wednesday at 9pm. Make sure to log onto ween.org chat.

Osama sucks.

For a limited time only.... Tenacious D Radio. Check it out. HTTP://www.ween.org:8000/listen.pls

Wow, whatta weekend. I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped me have a great time.
Tim, DHoe, Jaworski, Mojo, Bastad, Chewie, all the other fuckers I met sunday night, of course the band, Mickey, good to finally meet you, Jason, thanks for all the fun shit, Claude, Aaron and Dave, met you briefly at the bus outside of the Seattle show, Mean Ween, thanks for the shot of Jack during Blarney Stone, and of course, thanks for the great tour fellas.

Other Off-Topic news:

Cool Tenacious D Facts:
Album release date: Sept 25
Video Link for "Fuck Her Gently": www.grandroyal.com/theD
Official Site: www.tenaciousD.com (tour dates, studio clips, message board, photos, etc.)
David Letterman date: September 26
Album pre-order is IN PROGRESS (www.tenaciousD.net)


These are the Posters from the Alaska Shows. They are 3 separate posters, but they all go together You can see the green background says Ween. Pretty sweet.

Added 4 new shows. Thanks COC0 and Jan:

All of the videotapes from both nights of the WEEN concert in Girdwood, AK. are missing.  They are in a grey hard plastic carrying case.  There are 8 millimeter, Hi 8, 8 digital, and SVHS tapes.  The case has a 4-inch round white Common Roots sticker with a green tree on it.  It may also have an orange rope clipped to the handle.  Also missing is a Bogen Tripod.  If you see these videos, or know of anyone who has watched videos of the WEEN concert in Girdwood, AK with multi-camera views, visual effects, and an excellent soundtrack, contact Darby at drbtv@hotmail.com.

Please people, this video had a chance of getting released, now because of some loser its gone. If you have it please return it. You are fucking over the rest of the ween fans.

Whoever has the tapes, make yourself a copy if you must, but for the rest of us, please return the tapes.

Show 2, pics are here!

1. Dancin in the show
2. The Golden Eel
3. Spinal Meningitis
4. Freedom of 76
5. Don't get 2 Close
6. Even if u Don't
7. Pony
8. Bananas and Blow
9. Voodoo
10. Mutilated Lips
11. Beacon Light
12. Stallion pt 3
13. Goin gets tough
14. Johnny on the spot
15. Pandy Fackler
16. Band on the run
17. Big Jilm
18. What Deaner was talking
19. Frank
20. Don't Sweat it
21. Sketches of Winkle
22. Dr Rock
23. U Fucked Up
24. Finger Intro
25. Finger
26. Ohio
27. Tender Situation
28. Let me Scrape the Mucus off My Brain
29. Homo Rainbow
30. Hot 4 Teacher
31. Buenos Tardes

Just got back from the show. Freakin sweet.
pics are here!

1. Exactly Where I'm At
2. She Wanted to Leave
3. Piss Up a Rope
4. The Grobe
5. Baby Bitch
6. Tick
7. Wavin My Dick
8. Richard Smoker
9. Papa Zit
10. The Stallion Pt 5
11. Im in the mood to move
12. Bananas and Blow
13. Roses Are Free.
14. Back to Basom
15. Marble Tulip
16. Albino Sunburned.
17. Push th Little Dasies
18. Oceanman
19. Birthday Boy
20. The Mollusk
21. Take me Away
22. Dr. Rock
23. Voodoo->Kiss->Voodoo
24. Ice Castles
25. Final Alarm
26. Buckingham Green
27. Never Squeal
28. Reggaejunkiejew
29. HIV
30. Enter Sandman

Going to Alaska tonight. I will be at a bar. I will be wearing my green boognish shirt and blue vans, old skool slip ons, or maybe flipflops. Say hi.

Added a couple of shows:
19940507-Morrisville.PA-Bart.And.Todds.BBQ (These are now split up)

In conjunction with Restless Records, Ween will soon be releasing the newly re-mastered, repackaged "God Ween Satan - the Oneness." Re-mastered from the original tape, the sound is much improved. Also included will be 3 new songs.

Release date is now set for September 11th.


Put better version of 20010711-New.Hope.PA-JnPs-gener.solo up.

Last nights broadcast rocked. We had 41 people in the chat room and who knows how many were listening. I think everyone had a great time. Unfortunately for us all, these are rare outtakes, and they will not be availble on MP3, and I am pretty sure there won't be a rebroadcast of it as no one was supposed to record it.

Here's what was played:
01. kevin the honky (the mollusk)
02. the ballad of kim smoltz (the mollusk)
03. push th' little daisies (live KJJO Wisconsin 1990)
04. louise (white pepper)
05. gotta burn on my arm (pure guava)
06. good time rhymin song (chocolate and cheese)
07. boston chicken (12 golden country greats)
08. she'll just get you (white pepper)
09. roses are free (4 track demo chocolate and cheese)
10. hello jonny (white pepper)
11. i got it (pure guava)
12. joppa road (4 track chocolate and cheese)
13. the wind (god ween satan)
14. i'll wait (the mollusk)
15. shalom absalom (live 1991 wtsr trenton, nj)
16. z100 morning show (1993)

Its was a great time for all. Watch this space for the next one.

Hey all. Go to the chat now. Live broadcast with DJ Deaner. The link is in the left nav.

Sorry it took me so long to update. I was on a business trip in Miami. Here are a couple of photos...

Thanks to the mighty boognish shirt I was wearing, I caught this nice barracuda.

This is me chillin with some of the natives.
Got some new shows:
The tour schedule has been released
  • July 28-Kintnersville, PA
  • Aug 3 and 4-Cape Cod, MA-Wellfleet Beachcomber
  • Aug 17 & 18th - Alyeska Resort's Daylodge, Girdwood Alaska
  • Aug 20 -Rialto Theater - Tucson, AZ
  • Aug 21 - Cajun House - Scottsdale, AZ
  • Aug 22 - House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV
  • Aug 24 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Denver, CO with Galactic and Tenacious D.
  • Aug 25 - Rolling Summer Music Festival - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Aug 27 - Palookaville - Santa Cruz, CA
  • Aug 28 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
  • Aug 29 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
  • Aug 31 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR
  • Sept 1 - Bumbershoot Festival, Key Arena - Seattle, WA (this will be a 2 hour performance)
  • Sept 2 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC
  • Sept 3 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC

Here is the info about the outdoor festival:
Fundraiser for Volunteer Fire Company
Music 3 PM to 12 AM midnight
Camping until 12 PM noon Sunday
Scheduled Performers:
i AM
$20 ADMISSION...INCLUDES CAMPING & PARKING. tickets will only be available at the door the day of the show...so come early to guarantee admission. the location is on 265 acres of unbelievable landscape right on the delaware river. the camping is allowed inside the show. you can set up your tent right there! coolers are permitted, but NO GLASS BOTTLES. attendants reserve the right to eject anyone who violates this rule..without refund! there will be volleyball, and the river is 100 feet from the show...a nice convenience on a hot sweltering summer day. there will be food and non-alcoholic beverages available, and free water. the location is located on Rt. 32 (river road) in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania about 35 minutes north of New Hope and 20 minutes south of Easton. It is easily accesible from Rt. 78 or Rt. 95. Volunteers, EMT's, vendors, or any information please contact us at: SOUNDSCIENTISTS@HOME.COM. For updates check WWW.WEEN.COM. hope to see you there!
FROM RT. 78: Take exit for Rt. 611 (Exit 22 in PA). Follow Rt. 611 SOUTH for 5 miles to intersection with Rt. 32.(just past All American Grill). Turn LEFT onto Rt. 32 SOUTH, follow for 3 miles. Location will be on LEFT.
FROM RT. 95: Take exit for Rt. 29 NORTH (Exit 1 in NJ towards Lambertville) for 9 miles to town of Lambertville. Turn LEFT at traffic light (at Exxon+Sunoco) and an immediate RIGHT at next traffic light. Continue on Rt. 29 N. for 15 miles. At stop sign (a T intersection)in Frenchtown, turn LEFT on Bridge St.and cross the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 32 NORTH (River Rd). Follow Rt. 32 N. for 5 miles. Location will be on RIGHT.

Summer shows I know of so far:
  • Outdoor festival in PA (no name for this event, yet) July 28th featuring Ween and about 6 other bands
  • Wellfleet Beachcomber, Cape Cod MA - Aug. 3rd & 4th
  • Alyeska Resort's Daylodge, Girdwood Alaska - August 17 & 18th
    Tickets are available at Alyeska resorts ticket office, or by phone by calling (907) 754-2275 or 754-BARK or write to ween@alyeskaresort.com
  • Red Rocks Ampitheater, Morrison CO-August 24
  • Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle WA -Sept. 1st

I just got this mail, all you Philly peeps check it out:

we are announcing an outdoor show saturday, july 28, 2001 featuring:
Ween, Sound Scientists, Wineskin, i am, Bluegrass boys, Matt Taylor, and many more tba. this is official, and we are sending this information to you in the hopes that you can post it on your site, and any other methods of informing the true fans.  we are only interested in attracting serious music lovers to this show.  directions will be released shortly, but we can tell you that the location is on Rt. 32 (River Road) in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania about 30 minues north of New Hope (Ween's hood) right on the Delaware River on 265 acres of unbelievable landscape.  The site is easily accessible from Rt.78 (about 15 minutes south) and Rt.95 (about 35 minutes north).  There will be CAMPING allowed IN THE SHOW...you can set up your tents right there.  the location is less than a hundred feet from the river, and there is volleyball, etc..there will be food and beverages sold to support the local volunteer fire company, and free water available.  The music is scheduled to begin promptly at 4 pm, and will be done by 12 midnnight, but the campers don't have to leave until noon the next day.  Acoustic guitars and drums for drum circles are welcome for the rest of the evening...this should be a lot of fun.  come early, you never know how many people are going to show up for this.  there will NOT be tickets available.  the cost of the show will be released shortly, but i can tell you that it will NOT be more than $20, CAMPING INCLUDED.  any other questions, any volunteers or EMT's that would be willing to be a part of this show (we welcome your help) please contact us at soundscientists@home.com.

The chat has really been rockin'. Check it out here or click Ween Super Chat on the left nav.

Got the Jimmy Wilson show from this Saturday.


Thanks to Mike for donating $10 to the cause. I sent it to Deaner as thanks for all the music, and because I don't really need your money. Anyone else want to donate to ween... Mail me, I will make sure it gets to them.

No real new news. Got a few new shows... Thanks Janney.


Freekin stoked for Alaska. Mail me if you are going.

Check out the new virtual quilt. Add your own pictures. Click here!

Added a radio station. Just plays random live tracks. Click the listen live link to the left.

The Chat is actually pretty busy. This chat is a joint effort between Weenradio, Ween.net, and Here. Pretty sweet. I got my Tix for Alaska. Me and 2 other buddies are going. Should kick ass. Mail me if you are going.

Hooked up the chat. Logon by clicking the chat button to the left, and enter your name.

Also, worked with the UI to make it better in Netscape. Still not perfect, but better. Anyone on an older version of netscape, let me know how it looks. I only have netscape 6.

Someone informed me that V2 doesn't work too well in Netscape. I will work on it. I installed Netscape, wow its slow to render the pages, I don't know why anyone would want to use it. It mostly works, it just doesn't quite look okay.

Here is what he said about the browsers, I have never used any of these except for Netscape, and I am looking at netscape 6. If any of you have any of these browsers and know how I can fix the problems, let me know, I will try:

Opera 5:
The white background and the copyright notice are misplaced. There's no scrollbar.

Looks quite good overall, part of the text to the right is placed outside the white background region.

Netscape 4.76:
No white background at all. Top navigation bar reduced to a very small one, no picture there.

Mozilla 0.9:
Won't do anything right now

My only solution for now is to try IE5, it works perfect.

Lostwave V2 is now out. Let me know if you see any problems or have any suggestions. Is it better than the old one?

19990806-SF.CA-Warfield--Thx Deesher
20010326-Northampton.MA-Pearl-Street--Thx Jeremy
20010330-Columbus.OH-Newport.Music.Hall--Thx Mike
20010331-Cincinnatti.OH-Bogarts--Thx Mike

New article on Ween at MTV.com. Sounds like they will be here in Seattle over Labor Day. Sweet!!
As most of you probably already have read...
Ween are now recording their next record. Plus they are re-releasing GodWeenSatan remastered with some never before heard tracks. Can't wait. And of course, the long awaited follow up of Z-Rock Hawaii. Lots of new stuff coming out.
Also touring the west in August, can't wait, plus maybe some surprise shows in the philly area between June in August.

Don't forget to buy Ween merchandise (Click here). I just broke the bank today ordering a bunch of stuff.

Added 2000.06.25-Portland--Thanks deesher. I wish I could offer the newer shows from the spring mini tour, but they just aren't available.
A user at (bg-tc-ppp703.monmouth.com) is permanantly disabled because, while he/she was already logged on and downloading files, he/she had 5 other sessions trying to log on also. Its people like this that make it hard for the rest of you to connect. So, I locked him/her out, so maybe the rest of you will have a better chance. Sorry whoever you are, but I hate it when people pull shit like that.

Whats up all... I just found out that I had some stuff on the FTP that I shouldn't have. I want to first apologize formally to the band. That is really not cool. Second, any of you who downloaded anything that is not a live show, and is no longer available on my FTP, please don't share it with anyone. It is really not cool to share other peoples property, now some of you have it, so, delete it, and definately don't share it.
Remember, all these shows are here as a gift from the band, and please don't forget that. They have hooked us up... and the least we can do is respect their wishes.
Thanks and My most sincere apologies go out to the band.

Ween will be on AudioFile starting Monday, April 9th. The episode repeats throughout the week. Hopefully you have access to TechTV. Here is a complete list of showtimes:

If not, no worries. The segment has been digitized and you can watch it on the Audiofile website
So go check it out...

Also, all the responses (except 1) I have gotten back about my previous question have been to make it less users fast speed. So I am going to switch it back to 5 users soon.

We now have 22GB, 4705 Files, 226 Folders of live ween... SYNA
1989-1995--1.92 GB, 580 Files, 42 Folders
1996-1997--1.59 GB, 386 Files, 16 Folders
1998--1.36GB, 310 Files, 12 Folders
1999--4.44GB, 913 Files, 35 Folders
2000--7.94GB, 1654 Files, 56 Folders
2001--607MB, 141 Files, 4 Folders
Misc Ween--767 MB, 294 Files

Also, with the demise of Xenafat's FTP, we are working to get y'all some more places to D/L your ween from. I have given Adam Foley an account to start downloading my stuff. So soon you can hit his site too.

Someone at IP has been slamming the FTP server trying to get on it, like 25 connections at once. They have been locked out permanantly.
Please doods, don't go hitting my machine like you are doing a denial of service attack...

Just be patient and you will get on eventually.

I upped the amount of users to 10. So now more of you can get in. But it will be slower for all of you.
Mail me and let me know which you prefer.... hard to get on and fast, or easy to get on and slow??

House of blues is having a broadcast, click the banner in the header for more details....

I just saw this on AdamFoley.com:

Wednesday April 25th Chris Harford and the Band of Changes Wetlands Preserve New York City 2 sets @ 11PM featuring Dean Ween!

I have received several banners from people. Contest is coming along well. Keep em comin.

Hope y'all are havin fun at the shows in Ohio. Damn.
New shows online:


Thanks again to MrDNA, and thanks Goat.

Got the setlists up for all the shows this year so far.

MP3 Drive now has 21.6 Gigs on it. Thats 4657 Files and 225 Folders. Lots o shit.
But, we still have 29 Gigs available, so we need to get more shit. Upload those shows you have. If you do, I will give you unlimited access, then you won't get the too many users error error you are all complaining about.

Also, still waiting to hear from y'all about banners. Some of you said you were going to send me some, but no one has. This banner contest is pretty weak.


Lots of new shows thanks to MrDNA and Catfish:


Thanks a bunch guys. Got some more shows coming too, just need to encode them.

Also check the database, got all the latest setlists in there.

Posted Tradewinds setlist....

Hope y'all are havin' fun at the Tradewinds show tonight.

Added lots of new shows including the Tohickon show. Brand spankin new.
20000522-Washington.DC-930.Club (All 3 Thanks to Zippy--Thanks dude)
20000716-Orlando.FL-HardRock (Thanks Catfish)
20000902-Munich.Germany-Elserhalle (Thanks Goat)
20010321-Ottsville.PA-Tohickan.Tavern (Thanks Goat)

Heard through the grapevine that Glenn quit the band. Thats too bad. Best of luck to you Glenn with whatever you decide to do...

I posted the setlist from the Tohickon show in the database section. Pretty kick ass, hopefully someone will upload it soon.

A guy from the bar at last nights show posted the following:
LAst night's show at the Tohickon was amazing! We tried to let as many in as we could. AND BELIEVE ME, we went WAY PAST the clubs limits. Thanks for everyone being so cool with being outside in the rain, etc... Sweet Creek is making a video documentary of last night's show at the Tohickon Tavern, in our hometown, Ottsville, PA. If you taped, videod or took pixs, please send stuff to: Sweet Creek Studios 256 Durham Road, Suite 9 Ottsville PA 18942 We'll put your stuff in and give you credit. We're gonna get the finished copy to the boys asap. Dude from Ohio who slept in our parking lot, you should have come in to sleep on one of our sofas. Ted

Added a section for a freeform Database Query

Also, forgot to mention... Dave at theboognish had some server issues, so he is now hosted here at Lostwave as well. I am happy to be able to help out a GOOWEENFAN. Go check his site out.

Deaner just announced a surprise warm up show...
yo, just lettin you know that we're playing a warmup show on wed. night at a VERY small bar out on the highway. There will be no advance ticket sales.

here 'tis:

Tohickon Tavern
7673 Easton Road
Ottsville PA

10 miles north of Doylestown on RT 611. One mile north of 611/113 junction on 611 (easton road) on the right. Show at 9:30 - first come first served. $10.00

Forget about St. Pattys day... Its Geners B-day. Everyone, bow yer heads for a sec, and wish him a good one.
Happy Birthday Gener. Thanks for all the shit man.

Dood. Got chat service. I still don't have a web interface, so if you wanna connect download and install this:
Enter all your information in the dialog box, and connect to server ween.org.
Mail me if you got any questions
Its pretty sweet, its Comic Chat. Come play.

Finally got the entire database filled up. Here are some cool queries you can do:
Count of songs played live
Songs never Played Live
Shows missing setlist
Shows Lostwave FTP doesn't have shows for.

Let me know whatcha think.

The banner contest is still going on. I have only heard from one person... c'mon guys, I know there are some of you out there who can do graphic design. Anyway... See you on the tour!!

No new tunes. I did update a lot of the Database tho. All shows I know of are in there. The setlists for 2000 and 2001 are complete. Just need to find the time to go back and update the previous years shows... About 209 more shows. Slowly but surely.


Just got back from Mexico, and Luckily missed the big Earthquake. My room looked like a tornado hit tho. Oh well.

19940507-BBQ-Morrisville.PA -- Off of Chocodog.
20001231-New.Hope.PA-=- Still missing a couple of songs, if you got 'em upload 'em.

Also, since I have no artistic ability, I was gonna give you guys the opportunity to make some banners for me. I need one for each page... Thats 6 total. Whoever comes up with a banner I use will get a special unlimited download account for at least 1 month (Meaning you don't have to wait for someone to log off before you can log on). This is also a way for me to see if anyone reads this shit I write on this page. Mail me at vonhagen@ween.org
Just for fun... People who upload at least one full show that I don't have yet can get one month unlimited downloads also.

Plus, I updated the links, wow I had a shitload of dead links... sorry mangs.

I got a mail from Pat Frey:


Just a quick note to confirm the first leg of Ween 2001 tour. This one is concentrated on the East Coast. Here are the dates

3/23 - Sea Bright NJ, Tradewinds
3/25 - Burlington VT , Higher Ground
3/26 - Northampton MA, Pearl St
3/27 - Boston MA, Avalon
3/29 - Buffalo NY, Tralfamador
3/30 - Columbus OH, Newport Music Hall
3/31 - Cincinnati OH, Bogart's
4/2 - Athens GA, Georgia Theater
4/3 - Charleston SC, Music Farm
4/4 - Winston-Salem NC , Ziggy's
4/5 - Wash DC, 930 Club
4/6 - Norfolk VA, NorVa

Some of these tickets have gone on sale already. Check WeenRadio http://www.weenradio.com/news.asp for the latest news on ticket info and sign up for the "who's going to what show?" list.




You East Coast fuckers must be pretty psyched. Its times like these that make me wish I still lived in Philly.

Quick Update:
Got rest of Ft. Lauderdale show up.
Added 19940414-WTSR.Radiothon

Also, had a little problem with some of the links. Sorry about that.

Not much new, added two new domain names for ease. You can get here by going to:

Also added one show.

Yeah, yeah, I am a slacker. Heres some more new stuff...
20000622-Vancouver.BC-Vogue.Theater-- Got the rest of this show too.
20000717-Ft Lauderdale... its not quite complete yet, catfish has one more song to upload, then it will be available for all you to download.
19960700-WeenHootNight, got this from xenafat... Don't know much about it except:
ween hoot night @ the electric lounge austin, tx july 1996 Its covers, but lots of songs.

Also, Ween played a couple of shows... so I hear from ween.net:
Ween played an improptu set (4+ hours) at John & Peters, due to a cancelation of the show at the Saint. The show at the Saint has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 2nd at 9:00. Your tickets will be honored. If anyone has a recording of these two shows, please let me know. I need to add them so y'all can download them.
They are working on many things now... including possibly 3 albums this year... See deaners site. Sounds like they are pretty busy.