11/16/00 Damn, its been a while. Work man. Well thanks to The Burro, we have more new shows...
19990813-Austin.TX-Stubbs.BBQ --To make up for incomplete show
19990828-Philadelphia.PA-Electric.Factory -- 2 copies, one out of order on CD. Not sure if its a different recording or not.
Country Greats Live -- Taken directly from soundboard of various shows during the 'country' tour.
92' Tour Sampler -- This one is full of classics, Great Quality.

Thanks again Burro.
Also, I got an email from Deaner last week, he said he liked my stuff. I was pretty stoked. Keep your eyes peeled for an update to chocodog soon.

10/09/00 More new shows...
20000622-Vancouver.BC-Vogue.Theater -- Incomplete, if you have the rest, let me know
20000624-Seattle.WA-Showbox (very soon)
20000825-Reading.UK-Reading.Festival -- Incomplete, if you have the rest, let me know

09/10/00 Sorry its been so long. Damn work. Got a few new shows...

About 120 shows total. If you have any shows you don't see here, please let me know, we can trade something or you can upload. Take it easy.

08/12/00 Added ...
Now we have 13.6GB and 3236 files and 159 folders. Kickin ass.

Also, Great news. Doubled Bandwidth. Still keeping it at 5 users, but you should be able to get shit twice as fast.

08/07/00 There is a new section... Database. I still need to enter a bunch of data... but you can click on mostly anything to get more information about it. Also Added 20000703-Albuquerque.NM-Sunshine.Theater to the FTP

08/03/00 Everyone wants more FTP users.... I wish I could help... but even with 5 users my bandwidth is all used up. I can't afford to pay more for my connection. If you need higher bandwidth (selection is not as good... we are working on it) try mailstart:

08/01/00 This just in...

07/29/00 Added one more...

07/27/00 No new shows today... Sorry. Thanks to Goat for hooking me up with another domain name.

07/26/00 Monster MP3 Update...
Various Singles

Now we are up to 12.6GB, 150 Folders, 3043 Files

Thanx Goat. You rock...

Everyone else, go check out Weenradio... All Ween All The Time!

Also, someone uploaded the Letterman show mp3, thanx. Check it out. Its in \misc ween\misc.

07/24/00 I added some more shows:

We are up to 10.8 gigs online, growing everyday... 2562 Files, 127 folders... Besides a couple extras here and there that means about 120 Live Shows, and over 2500 songs. That fucking rocks.

Sorry if you are connected tonight... I am downloading shit, so its gonna be slow, and hard to connect.

I met this guy with FTP bandwidth to burn, so I uploaded about 5 gigs of stuff.  He has a giant pipe, and a couple hundred gigs of space.  He wants to fill it with ween.  He is allowing 50 users at once, so you should all be able to get on.  He doesn't have anything new, just stuff I have uploaded, but still, anyone looking to download some mp3s, its fucking fast... I uploaded 6 meg files in under 20 seconds.

If my FTP is full, try this one. There isn't as much stuff... but nonetheless, its fast. Also, don't forget to watch Letterman tomorrow, Ween will be playing.

07/23/00 All new shows are online and available now. I changed the web based UI a little. But its easier to navigate. Thanks xenafat for sharing all your goods. I am still missing 10-15 shows. I will get them slowly but surely.

I just 8/3/99 on cassette. Anyone have a good recording of this on disk? Anyone have 8/4/99? Mail that shit to me. Later....

07/21/00 Sorry y'all 'bout the long ass outage... but its for our own good. We got about 30 new shows coming up on the FTP. By monday they will all be online and ready to download... but for now it is online again...
... I was just thinking of something else to say... but I got nothin'.

07/20/00 We got mad update going on. Got 18 CDr's in today... thanks Janneyw. You fuckin' rock... Bet you haven't heard that before.
Also working with Xenafat to get more MP3's. I will basically be a mirror of his shit when its done, but in the mean time, my FTP server is going to be down. Sorry... but live with it.

07/19/00 Added:
20000627-SanFrancisco.CA-Warfield.Theater (Thanks to whoever uploaded this one.)

07/19/00 PLEASE NOTE:
I got a new FTP server up and running. The old one sucked and is gone. Connect to:
Host Address:
User Name: ween
Password: ween
Port: 555

07/18/00 Added:
19990814-Dallas.TX-Deep.Ellum.Live (I don't think its complete)
19990806-San.Francisco.CA-Warfield.Theater (Way incomplete)

Also added as many album covers as I could find. They are in the directories with the MP3s. I think Janneyw did most of them, thanks janneyw
If a directory has -=- at the end of it, it means I am missing at least one song. Help me find these songs.
I made some changes to the talk section. Newest messages are now at the top, and it includes a date

07/17/00 Today I edited the ID3 tags for all of the Ween MP3s. I also went through looking for missing songs, and I am missing a bunch from:
19991031-Winooski.VT-Higher Ground
Maybe more... If any of you have the songs I am missing or notice a song is missing, please let me know, or upload them to the uploads directory.

A lot of you have sent me mail saying there is a problem with the FTP... just wanted to let you know that if you get an error, or if you get asked for a login its probably because there are too many users connected. The error you get in CuteFTP is something like 421 5... which means Server unavailable, but its unavailable becuase there are too many people logged in, And my stupid FTP server (win2k) doesn't seem to want to give a nice error message, just a 5. What the fuck... Anyone know of a better FTP server, thats free? If you get any other errors using CuteFTP, please let me know.
Also, if you are getting a 550 error, something like No such file or directory., This is an IE bug, MS says to upgrade to >5.01, but I say USE CUTEFTP.
For more FTP information see Rip's FTP FAQ

07/16/00 Just added the 5/15 St Louis and 5/25 NYC shows... Enjoy

07/15/00 Hey all, Still workin on updating the site. Got lots to do... you know how it goes. Added a Ween talk section. Its basically just a bulletin board, but fun to keep up with whats goin' on with everyone. Added some more MP3s... constantly adding more MP3s. Got all the songs from 7-30-99, Lincoln NE, but the quality sucks, so I might just delete it. If anyone has this or any others, please upload them to the uploads directory. I have no ratios, and want you all to download as much as you can but, please, return the favor and upload anything you have that I don't. I have 50GB waiting to be filled and only 6GB there so far. So lets fill the fucker. Also added the links section. It is mostly just copied from Hill, but I am working to put my own content in there. I am only putting in sites that have lots of good content, so y'all don't have to waste your time following shitty links.

Take care, and I will see you on the flip side...

07/11/00 Welcome to the brand new ween site. You can get here from, or
Not quite done yet, but it's coming together nicely. If any of you have anything you want to add, please mail it to me at
Also, if any of you need a little server space to put up your Ween web page, let me know. I might be able to squeeze you in. Also, super special thanks to The lasting impressions of ooga booga for hooking me up with my domain name.
****I don't hold the owner of the domain name responsible for the content of this site.****
Thanks for hooking me up dude.